If you are the owner of a commercial property or a broker working to sell or lease the space and you want to show it off, you’ll want to choose someone well-versed in commercial architectural photography.


By having someone who knows how to make commercial properties look impressive, you’ll have a better chance of attracting more interest and making more sales.


In many cases, you’ll also want aerial photographs of a commercial property. That means hiring a professional FAA licensed drone pilot who is fully insured to protect you while the beautiful aerial photographs are made.

Someone who has both an extensive portfolio in commercial real estate photography as well as expert experience making photographs from a small unmanned aerial vehicle is the best choice to help you sell or lease commercial space.

  • Joe Wilson meets all those criteria above.

  • He has a lot of experience helping commercial brokers sell and lease property through powerful and attractive photography

  • He is FAA licensed and fully insured with the best aviation insurance possible, ensuring you’re protected.

  • He has an extensive commercial property photographic portfolio


"Joe’s expertise with photography and drone video footage exceeded our expectations. In an era where electronic marketing is paramount, communicating the message with professional photography becomes a game changer. Joe is easy to work with, quick, and aligned with our vision on various projects from the very start with little explanation. Joe has a unique ability to combine his artistic eye with quality work at a reasonable price. Thank you, Joe!"Denise Brohoski


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Interior Photos Only — $462

Exterior Photos Only— $462

Aerial Photos Only— $485

Interior + Exterior Photos— $519


Interior + Aerial Photos— $542

Exterior + Aerial Photos— $542

Exterior + Interior + Aerial Photos— $570

Please inquire about video costs.

Deduct 5% off the total cost the first time you use our services.
Deduct 10% off the total cost if you’ve used our services in the last 45 days.
Deduct 5% off the total cost if you’ve used our services in the last 90 days.

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Please use this form to contact Joe Wilson or call or text him at 503-528-4381.